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Retrenchments in Lesotho

Termination of an employee’s employment for operational reasons is called a retrenchment. Three main reasons may bring about such a termination/dismissal: fiscal strains on the

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Data Protection in Lesotho

The protection of personal information in Lesotho is dealt with under the Data Protection Act, 2011 (“Act“). The provisions of the Act apply to the

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Probation in Lesotho

The probationary period in an employment contract allows employers to assess employees before a permanent employment position is offered. Probationary periods allow employers to continually

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Curfew in Lesotho

Police Minister Mr. Lebona Lephema has imposed a nationwide curfew by enacting the Internal Security Curfew Order, 2023. The curfew starts at from 10pm to

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Sin Taxes in Lesotho

The Lesotho Government has now introduced sin taxes in the Kingdom of Lesotho. The Tobacco and Alcoholic Products Levy Act, 2023 was enacted on 27

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Competition Law in Lesotho

Prior to the enactment of the Competition Act 2022, Lesotho had no competition law or overall competition regulator. Article 40 of the SACU Agreement provides for

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Company Registrations in Lesotho

Companies in Lesotho are governed by the Companies Act, 2011 and the Companies Regulations 2012. Company incorporations are processed through the One-Stop Business Facilitation Centre

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